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I make art and art accessories. Just another random person trying to show off works. Hope you like what you see :3 Love making pony art but I make some occasional random stuff here and there. Stay and find out ;b

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Derpy and Dinky
Here's the final version of the derpy and dinky picture, it was pretty geometric and landscape-y anyway so I made it be a bit more and turned it into a wallpaper thing. 
Hope someone likes it! 
Derpy and Dinky [vector]
I had this picture cooking for a very long time, just got done with it. I've been working on it off and on to complete it, but it's very worth it. 
I did a lot of different things with this picture, but what I like most is the eyes. so....soul piercing lol

I still want to do a version that has a background or something, but I'm really excited just to show y'all this :3 
Hope someone likes it! 

Edit: forgot their tongues in the mouths, fixed now! :D something seemed off but sleep deprived me last night couldn't figure it out lol 
TAPS Los Angeles
This wallpaper took a long time to make. I started it today technically but this had a very long history of me figuring out just what to do. The file on my computer is called Tapsv3v4, 3 different variants, and 4 variants off of that variant. It was well worth it though.
This concludes my Los Angeles trio wallpaper series, i learned a lot since then, especially on how to place pictures in the edits well. I might make a wallpaper including all three people, but not certain on that.

Hope someone likes it! 
Woah what's this?? I posted at a decent time of the day? That's right kiddos 

Also i'd like to personally apologize for the weird dimension, I'm not even sure what I was going for lol It can't quite be a phone wallpaper because it's pretty blocky, can't be a desktop picture because it's not wide enough... dunno haha 
I was so far into the project that it would take some mass editing to get it to be something different. 

Fun fact, I made this in my Engineering and Graphics class simply because we were doing demonstrations and walkthroughs of PC only tips and tricks and since i have a mac...heh..that's a nope from me 

hope someone likes it!
4000 Pageviews!!
First 100 watchers, now 4000 page views. I can't thank you guys enough!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

A little update from me:
College has been surprisingly rough for me, just got around to making this little thing. Not a whole lot of time for art as of late. HOWEVER I did make a video for Golden Note last week.
here's a link:…
He makes great music so if you haven't checked him out already please do so! 
I did things a liiiiitle bit differently than usual. I used slimmer, sharper shapes and stuck with it. 
Hope someone likes it!
100 Watchers!
Thank you guys so much for 100 watchers. I couldn't have done this without every single one of you. It's hard to believe that I was celebrating 20 watchers less than a year ago. Thank you all so much!! Love ya! *hugs* 

Special thanks to these watchers who go the extra mile to make my day every time I post:…
Thank you, even the people who don't comment and just favorite all my works. You make my day and you've been noticed x3

And yes, every single one of my watchers, active or not, are in the picture, hope someone likes it!!
A random wallpaper I made when I was bored today. hope someone likes it!
It's my second year anniversary for being here in this lovely place called Deviant Art. I'm so happy to have been with all of you so far on this fun site. And I hope to continue this ride for a while! Love ya! 
(Studying made me forget all about it. My anniversary was yesterday AHHHHH)

This past year was the first time I got on EQD, one of my biggest goals ever since I became a brony. And I not only did it once but 8 times!!

Thank you everyone for making this year so great~ *hugs* ^~^

Im gonna link everything that I've done on year two on deviant art:

After Rain by Sol-RepublicaToastbusters: Shiprekt by Sol-Republica
present by Sol-RepublicaParasprite by Sol-RepublicaSol exe by Sol-RepublicaLive TV by Sol-RepublicaStrength by Sol-RepublicaCalamity by Sol-RepublicaBrony Gaming by Sol-RepublicaSol Republica Symbol by Sol-RepublicaEllipses (color) by Sol-RepublicaMeta by Sol-RepublicaOC request #9 edit by Sol-RepublicaCool Cloud by Sol-RepublicaSleepover by Sol-RepublicaLava Lamp by Sol-RepublicaSoul Evans Wallpaper by Sol-RepublicaColor Wheel by Sol-RepublicaNyx's Smarty Pants by Sol-RepublicaOC request #10 by Sol-RepublicaPegasi Grown by Sol-RepublicaArchie is best music horse by Sol-RepublicaMountain by Sol-RepublicaCrystal Imperium by Sol-RepublicaStarlight wants hugs by Sol-RepublicaVylet Pony by Sol-RepublicaKoala by Sol-RepublicaDesertion mock album cover by Sol-RepublicaToastbusters: Moonlight by Sol-RepublicaGreat and Powerful poster by Sol-RepublicaSol.exe horizons by Sol-RepublicaDying Star by Sol-RepublicaClouds Dot Exe by Sol-RepublicaBall Project by Sol-RepublicaOrganic by Sol-RepublicaFiesta by Sol-RepublicaTwilight Sketch by Sol-RepublicaFilly Celestia w/ Background by Sol-RepublicaDive by Sol-RepublicaOh Celestia. by Sol-RepublicaCelestia and Luna by Sol-RepublicaStripes (#11) by Sol-RepublicaLittleJest (#12) by Sol-RepublicaFireplant (#13) by Sol-RepublicaCloudsdale Wallpaper by Sol-RepublicaPencil Adoration by Sol-RepublicaTasty Treat Wallpaper [Rainbow] by Sol-RepublicaRiver by Sol-RepublicaOdyssey by Sol-RepublicaPACS by Sol-RepublicaOC Colleen by Sol-RepublicaRainbow Dash in Tanks For the Memories (revised) by Sol-RepublicaVinylicious Wallpaper by Sol-RepublicaGolden Note by Sol-RepublicaVylet Pony w/ background by Sol-RepublicaDash 'Em by Sol-RepublicaCompanion Cube wallpaper by Sol-RepublicaOC Riot by Sol-RepublicaOC Sketch Pad by Sol-RepublicaOC Pixel Particles by Sol-RepublicaLegends Of Equestria by Sol-RepublicaLone Wolf by Sol-RepublicaGiza by Sol-RepublicaFly Away by Sol-RepublicaSunset by Sol-RepublicaFeeding Feed Me by Sol-RepublicaOC gLitcHyGeAR by Sol-RepublicaNew Sol Republica Design by Sol-RepublicaRainbow Factory wallpaper by Sol-RepublicaCandy Soda by Sol-RepublicaOC Skyline by Sol-RepublicaAndromulus Los Angeles by Sol-RepublicaPixel's Costume by Sol-RepublicaPixel (non festive version) by Sol-RepublicaSoarindash by PonyArtCollabStudioCotton Candy Dream by PonyArtCollabStudioCloudscape by PonyArtCollabStudio




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Paperstain545 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art style makes me feel happy inside. I LOVE IT! 

Music horses are the best horses.
Sol-Republica Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, thank you! I really appreciate it! :3
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: D
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Thank you for the fave!
Sol-Republica Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem!
az1598525 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
hi man when did you start watching ponies ?
Sol-Republica Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I beleive the summer of 2013 :b
az1598525 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
yes nice 
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Thanks!! X3
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